CRESTEC Thailand One-Stop Service

Development of manuals based on international standards, design the sales promotion tools most suitable to your business model (B to B or B to C), planning and production of effective training tools (e.g. e-Learning) − these examples show what we can offer you. Our experienced technical writers can create content according to your needs and requirements.


  • Manual for various categories
  • Sales promotion, training tools
  • Company, plant, business brochures
  • Design for packing and cushioning materials
  • Consulting service in compliance with international standard

Technical Writing

  • Home electronic, digital camera, etc.
  • Office automation equipment, gauge, analyzer
  • Powered machinery (e.g. automobile or motorcycle)
  • Operation, software, etc.

Packing Design

  • Japanese design and overseas production
  • Sample made from local materials
  • Proposals and designs for mass production considering quality, cost, and delivery