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One-Stop Service

CRESTEC THAILAND is your partner in ASEAN.
We are the regional base of CRESTEC in ASEAN. With the single point of contact, we deliver seamless services throughout ASEAN ensuring high quality and our integrated services can support you to achieve greater efficiency, higher productivity and lead time reduction.

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CRESTEC THAILAND's One-Stop services include:

• Production of product brochures, manuals, labels, promotional video, company profiles,          creation of website, development of training materials (e.g. e-Learning), design and    production of packaging materials
• Integrated systems from planning to production
• Quality control based on Japanese standards throughout the integrated production system
• Global launch of products through the CRESTEC network
• Global procurement of required materials through the CRESTEC network


Planning / Technical Writing / Packing Design

Development of manuals based on international standards, design the sales promotion tools most suitable to your business model (B to B or B to C), planning and production of effective training tools (e.g. e-Learning) − these examples show what we can offer you. Our experienced technical writers can create content according to your needs and requirements.



Localization / Editing

To support your global activities, our translation service covers the languages of over 70 countries worldwide including those of ASEAN, Japan and EUROPE. We can provide many kinds of formats, such as manuals, applications, help, drivers, and websites. We ensure that all productions comply with the local standard of each country.



Printing / Delivery Management

CRESTEC has its own or joint plant in Indonesia (Jakarta and Surabaya), China (Suzhou and Dongguan), Vietnam (Ho chi Minh) and the Philippines (Manila). In other countries, we offer printing services with Japanese quality through our high-quality management system. Our expanding global network supports your procurement function and enables you to achieve the best solution according to the destination.



System Development

System aiding content production is the best solution for development of manuals in multiple languages enabling output in the forms of paper, electronic data or both. The combination of writing and translation-aid functions with the use of the Cloud operating system enables technical writers and translators all over the world to work with you. We will assign the best person at the best time.